Scent List

  1. Be Sensual - A deep yet balanced musk that is well suited for either masculine or feminine products. Notes of amber and geranium add to the musk flower and woody base notes. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including patchouli and geranium.
  2. Be Calm - This fragrance is an enchanting meadow fringed with sprigs of lavender.
  3. Be Delicate - This dreamy scent begins with top notes of gardenia and lemon peel as it gives way to a blossoming heart of tuberose, jasmine, and green florals. A soft powdery finish gives depth to this earthy floral.
  4. Be Graceful - A smooth and elegant blend of soft floral notes with salty highlights. Crisp ozonic notes of sea salt, calming notes of jasmine, lily of the valley, and tonka bean take hold. This scent has year round appeal and is ideal spa and aromatherapy scent.
  5. Be Happy - The ultimate summer refresher zesty lime and ozone notes. Partnering with creamy coconut make this classic scent irresistible.
  6. Be Invigorating - Spunky lemon and floral verbena combine in this uplifting citrus delight. The scent begins with bright lemon that gives way to a heart of lemon verbena and lemongrass. A vanilla base note grounds this beautiful herbal citrus fragrance.
  7. Be Serene - This well-rounded fragrance marries the notes of salty ozone with the aromas of fresh citrus. Airy ozone and woody oakmoss in the base give depth to the aquatic notes for a result that’s anything but ordinary.
  8. Be Simplistic - A rich and creamy blend of coconut and cinnamon with mid notes of soft butter and caramelized brown sugar all on a bed of sweet vanilla and warm Tonka Bean.
  9. Be Sophisticated - The fresh citrus aroma with spicy top notes of ginger, peppercorn, and spice. A deep base of sandalwood, amber, and dark musk. Full-bodied notes of bergamot and grapefruit fuse with an herbal bouquet.
  10. Be Tart - A blend of ripe, tangy grapefruit and mango an exotic fruit that is citrus and sweet with a hint of peach. The grapefruit dominates with its sharp and punchy citrus notes then mellows just a bit, with the warmer and sweeter mango coming through.
  11. Be Yummy - Wonderful aroma of creamy banana pudding with vanilla wafers and a meringue topping.
  12. Be Gentle - A delicate blend of powder, lavender, lilac with base notes of cedarwood
  13. Be Eccentric – The unique woodsy blend of Patchouli with white floral bouquet of lily and rose petals. Hints of airy ozone and sandalwood round out this fresh fragrance.
  14. Be Refreshing – A orange citrus fragrance enveloped in an herbal bouquet. Top notes of citrus and sweet basil give way to a prominent orange peel note. Mint leaves and chamomile combine with agave nectar and tomato leaf in the base.
  15. Be Feminine - It's a breathtaking, soft, feminine fragrance, With just the right ratio of jasmine to vanilla.
  16. Be Tropical - A modern tropical fusion of fresh mango and creamy coconut milk. Pineapple and orange top notes meld with ripe mango and a hint of peach. Coconut milk and sugar base notes round out this lush, luxurious fruit medley.
  17. Be Grounded - An earthy top note mixed with a base of dark musk and woody undertones. A smooth, masculine scent
  18. Be Exotic - Ripe pineapple, orange, and apple, succulent melon and creamy coconut with a rum base
  19. Be Rejuvenated - A calming and balanced fragrance that combines notes of lemongrass and black currant with hints of patchouli and sugarcane.
  20. Be Sweet - Just like fresh cotton candy from a county fair! The sugary raspberry, strawberry, and sweet vanilla.
  21. Be Perky - Medium roast coffee, toasted hazelnut, and just a hint of coconut. Base notes of cream, maple, and vanilla add a creamy sweetness that enhances the rich, nutty coffee.
  22. Be Mellow - Melon scent kissed by strawberry and fresh honeydew.
  23. Be Delectable - Lots of buttery, creamy, and vanilla notes
  24. Be Connected - A perfect combination of a masculine and clean fragrance with a delicate floral aroma. Cherry Blossom, Magnolia, Ozone, Rose, Tonka Bean, orange, pine, citrus, violet, lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, musk
  25. Be Romantic - A delicate blend of Roses & Chardonnay. Green Leaves, Lemon, Spice, Rose, Violet, Carnation, Honey, Sandalwood White Wine, Lemon, Peach, Pear, Oak
  26. Be Irresistible - A perfect blend of ripe strawberries covered in a rich, creamy chocolate.
  27. Be Charming - This woody scent begins with top notes of amaretto and powder as it gives way to a heart of tonka and balsam. Notes of rum, musk, and sweet, resinous oud make up the base of this intriguing fragrance.

  28. Be Soothing - Light, crisp green notes reminiscent of spring flowers and wild herbs. A background of light woods and warm musk complete the blend.

  29. Be Heavenlythis clean fragrance oil has notes of lily, bergamot, geranium, violet and precious woods, that gives a vibe of freshly washed clothes.
  30. Be Tranquil – The scent of clothes dried in the beach breeze. It has an airiness that's incredibly fresh and is paired with the herbal, floral, and citrus, sandalwood, warmed with musk and a touch of patchouli for a calming and long lasting fragrance oil.
  31. Be Tempting - Exotic palo santo wood is joined with complimenting notes of saffron, tobacco leaf, sage, and amber incense.
  32. Be Fresh - Freshly washed sheets hanging on a clothesline.
  33. Be Mysterious - Instantly evoke the mystery and beauty of enchanted woods. The notes feature apricot nectar, juicy berries and lemon, floral notes of soft mimosa, and jasmine on a bed of precious woods, Tonka Bean, and musk.
  34. Be Peaceful - This musky floral opens with citrus highlights of fresh lemon and sweet orange. Green herbaceous tones mingle with a fresh fantasy floral accord at the heart of the fragrance. Warm earthy accents add texture. The base is a complex of rich musk sweetened with a hint of vanilla.
  35. Be Precious - creamy gelato with a rosy floral twist. A top note of effervescent champagne brightens up the heart of heady jasmine and rose. Base notes of cream and sugar enhance the luscious confectionary aspect of this scent, while benzoin and light musk add complexity that elevates the fragrance beyond a sweet dessert.
  36. Be Revitalized- A wonderfully light scent with fresh modern tones, Blue Lagoon transports you to the ecstasy and beauty of the deep blues of a hidden lagoon with a crisp open of ozone and green plants followed by a hint of salty marine and the lush blooms of jasmine and geranium with a dry down of rich woods and amber.
  37. Be Rustic - This delightful fragrance perfectly captures the essence of Fall. The scents of brisk air and crisp leaves join cedarwood notes of rich mountain pine, cedar, and golden aspen while whiffs of forest berries, sage, and clove swirl delicately in the backdrop.
  38. Be Delicious - Sweet and rich with a warm rich kick of bourbon. A delicious fragrance boasting top notes of crisp ripe apples, spicy cinnamon, and a touch of warm citrus. Enjoy body notes of rich bourbon and creamy butter with a base of bubbling maple and vanilla. Enjoy a baked apple dessert with a twist!
  39. Be Thankful – Toasted Pumpkin Spice fragrance oil will remind you of autumn festivals, pumpkin carving, and bonfires. Toasty top notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove give way to middle accords of silky buttercream and pumpkin. A base of smoked embers and vanilla gives this scent a warm twist on a classic fall fragrance.
  40. Be Cozy - This scent melds notes of smoke and wood into a warm union of clove, amber, sandalwood, and patchouli.
  41. Be Toasty - Sweet marshmallow, honey and chocolate with a smoky hint of campfire come together in this unique blend.
  42. Be Homey - Your sheets have been hanging outside, you bring them in and with it the clean fresh smell of the sun! Not your normal "laundry" type! Tangy Lemon, mandarin orange, mountain air, cotton blossoms, sheer violet, dew lily, pink jasmine and soothing sandalwood.
  43. Be Traditional - A peppery twist on a traditional holiday fruit fragrance. Fresh cracked peppercorn blends with orange peel and mandarin for a spiced citrus treat. Tonka bean and vanilla in the base smooth out the zesty orange notes. Black pepper, clove leaf, and orange essential oils