Be Happy Handcrafted Wax Shots

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Be Happy Handcrafted Wax Shots are designed for home fragrance and are to be used with electric wax warmers. This listing is for one wax melt shot in one scent the wax weighs approximately 1.5oz. Simply pop the whole wax melt out of the cup, cut into desired pieces to melt, and melt in a wax warmer to release the fragrance. With thousands of 5-star aromas, you're sure to fall in love with so many new home fragrances.

Be Happy Handcrafted Wax Shots are long-lasting, natural smelling aromas and fun colors! You only need one wax cube to fragrance your home. From relaxing to getting the energy you need, aromatherapy meets inspiring happiness with one handmade melt at a time. Wax melts may vary in color and decor from batch to batch because they are handmade in small batches.